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Work steps for the demonstration of sunliquid®’s commercial viability

SUNLIQUID consists of the following work packages:

WP1 Supply & Logistics

[Leader: Clariant; in cooperation with Export Hungary]

WP1 establishes a supply and logistics concept for the feedstock used in the plant. Tasks include the establishment of a network of potential feedstock suppliers, market research on feedstock availability as well as handling and logistics of feedstock in the defined areas.

WP2 Planning, Construction & Commissioning of the Plant

[Leader: Clariant]

In WP2 all necessary requirements for the construction of the plant are being planned and subsequently realized including the successful commissioning of the production plant. Tasks include site evaluation study, engineering studies, procurement as well as the construction and commissioning of the plant.

WP3 Operation

[Leader: Clariant]

The objective of WP3 is to prepare the start-up of the plant and operate the plant until a stable process performance is reached. This comprises the hiring and training of operation staff, the supply and disposal of operational material, the supply of starter cultures, performance testing and ramp-up of the plant as well as the operation of the plant.

WP4 Distribution & Testing

[Leader: Clariant]

All work under WP4 will demonstrate efficient distribution and testing of ethanol in gasoline/ethanol blends. Tasks include testing according to defined specifications, development of marketing strategy, and the distribution of the product to the market.

WP5 Sustainability & Life Cycle Assessment

[Leader: Energieinstitut Linz; in cooperation with Clariant]

WP5 will reconfirm the environmental benefits of the integrated sunliquid® process, benchmark the environmental performance, and support the most sustainable production plant implementation for the sunliquid® technology.

WP6 Dissemination & Stakeholder Interaction

[Leader: BayFOR; in cooperation with all partners]

WP6 aims to support and facilitate the activities of the consortium and to communicate the results of the SUNLIQUID project to the scientific, industrial and political stakeholders as well as to the general public. In detail, the objectives of WP6 are the dissemination of the project contents via standard communication tools, public relations activities and events.

WP7 Management

[Leader: Clariant; in cooperation with IBB and BayFOR]

The Project Coordinator and the Administrative Project Manager, together with the Executive Board (which includes all Work Package Leaders), will manage and direct the SUNLIQUID project in all scientific and administrative matters, such as coordination and supervision of the project and its work plan, organization of internal project meetings or reporting to the European Commission.

Interaction among the SUNLIQUID work packages

Delivering the expected results requires extensive coordination of activities between the various work packages: