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The SUNLIQUID Consortium

Under the coordination of Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, five other companies and research institutes from Germany, Austria and Hungary are participating in SUNLIQUID. The expertise offered by the SUNLIQUID consortium covers the entire value chain required to manufacture cellulosic ethanol – from feedstock sourcing to product marketing.



Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH is a member of the Clariant Group, based in Muttenz, Switzerland – an international specialty chemicals company with over 17,000 employees worldwide. Clariant focuses on creating value by investing in future profitable and sustainable growth. At its Group Biotechnology, the common denominator of all products and services is the efficient and sparing use of natural resources to enhance the quality of life for humans and the environment. A focus of Clariant’s strategic development programmes established at Group Biotechnology is in biocatalysis and biorefinery processes. Clariant possesses a broad knowhow and comprehensive intellectual property in the field of second generation bioethanol from lignocellulose and biobased chemicals, as well as process development and engineering in this field.

Main tasks in the project

The contribution of Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH to the SUNLIQUID project is the enhancement of the envisioned process chains relevant to the project proposal, which is planned as follows:

  • Coordination of the supply and logistics work package
  • Distribution and testing of the product
  • Evaluation and definition of the construction site
  • Responsibility for basic engineering and detail engineering
  • Equipment procurement and construction of the plant
  • Ramp-up and operation of the plant

Contact person

  • Dr. Markus Rarbach


The ExportHungary Kft. is a private company (SME) based in Budapest. Its main objective is to develop international business and cooperation relations between Hungarian companies and international markets. Export Hungary also cooperates with international companies to support them in trading, investment and development cooperation with Hungary. Its partners are experienced experts with extensive international business development experience. They represent decades of sectorial knowledge and relations with players and experts of these sectors. ExportHungary is a leading entity on the Board of the Association for the internationalisation of Hungarian companies.

Main tasks in the project

  • Market research in feedstock availability in the defined areas
  • Development of a feedstock supply strategy
  • Identification of and negotiations with possible feedstock suppliers
  • Development of a contracting system

Contact person

  • György Rétfalvi
BayWa AG


The BayWa Group is among the top 10 leading agricultural traders worldwide with a workforce of more than 17,000 employees in 17 countries. The group’s business model is based on trading, logistics and supplementary services in its core segments of Agriculture, Energy, and Building Materials. The international activities focus on Europe as well as on the US and New Zealand.

The lion’s share of the Group’s revenues is generated through the farming and food industries. The Agriculture Segment trades in agricultural equipment and resources and collects, stores and sells plant products from the field through to the food industry. BayWa is also the largest supplier of pome fruit to German retailers.

The Energy Segment is the Group’s second-largest segment. It comprises trading in heating oil, diesel, wood pellets and lubricants as well as the operation of a large number of gas stations. The renewable energies business is the second key pillar. BayWa has concentrated its entire activities in the fields of wind energy, solar energy, bioenergy and geothermal energy, with locations in many European countries and the USA.

The Building Materials Segment comprises basically trading in building materials. Here the BayWa Group ranks among the leading suppliers in Germany and Austria.

Main tasks in the project

  • Development of a feedstock transportation and storage model
  • Technical and economical evaluation of the model
  • Verifying and evaluating several possibilities of transportation
  • Environmental optimisation of transportation

Contact person

  • Christian Baumeister
Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (EI)


The Energy Institute offers specialist expertise whenever multidisciplinary knowledge of more than one scientific field is essential for energy-related research topics. The EI’s three departments cover Energy Economics, Energy Law and Energy Technologies. The combination of these core disciplines allows comprehensive analyses and accounts for all aspects of future-oriented energy topics. The EI analyses the economic effects of questions regarding energy-related policy, discusses the most recent developments in the European energy legislation and evaluate strategies for CO2 abatement schemes as well as measures aimed at promoting energy-efficiency goals. Apart from highly distinguished research in various (inter-)national projects, the practical applicability of its results is a key focus of the EI.

Main tasks in the project

The Energy Institute is in charge of analysing the environmental impact of the integrated sunliquid® process and comparing it with other renewable fuels activities via a full life cycle assessment.

It will also keep track of:

  • Methodological development of sustainability and availability assessments of crop residues for biofuel production
  • Policy framework concerning 2nd generation biofuels in the EU
  • Development and deployment acitvities of cellulosic biofuels

Contact person

  • Horst Steinmüller
Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (IBB)


IBB Netzwerk GmbH is the management organisation of an interdisciplinary competence network on Industrial Biotechnology founded in 2008 under the company name “BioM WB”. IBB supports the network in all matters of technology transfer and public affairs, promotes the visibility of the network members and seeks the dialogue with policy and decision makers. IBB is the catalyst for the implementation of innovative biotechnological processes leading to sustainable products. The basis of its work is cross-linking partners between and beyond branches and sectors for the benefit of knowledge and technology transfer in the field of Industrial Biotechnology, e.g. by performing joint R&D projects. This is the key to the implementation of valuable scientific ideas and inventions into marketable products and processes.

Main tasks in the project

  • Organization of meetings (kick-off and ensuing meetings)
  • Promoting participation and presentations in events/key conferences/workshops
  • Communication of goals and project results via events to the public (progress conferences, final conference, workshops, plant tours)
  • Communication of goals and project results via events to political stakeholders (parliamentary evenings)
  • Identification of further stakeholders and involvement in corresponding activities

Contact person

  • Prof. Dr. Haralabos Zorbas
Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH (BayFOR)


The Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH (BayFOR) is a private company founded in 2006 to support Bavaria as a centre for science and innovation within the European Research Area. To achieve this, BayFOR supports and advises Bavarian scientists and stakeholders from the private sector in the competition for regional, national and European research, development and innovation funds. Our focus lies on Horizon 2020. BayFOR’s scientific experts provide subject-specific information and offer strategic advice and active support for initiating projects, setting up international research consortia and submitting proposal applications. Upon successful evaluation, BayFOR is able to provide support during project implementation and if required it provides support with project management and takes over dissemination tasks throughout the project duration. It is a partner institution in the Bavarian Bavarian Research and Innovation Agency.

Main tasks in the project

  • Dissemination activities
  • Creation of a corporate design and a project logo for dissemination activities
  • Development of target group-specific dissemination material (flyer, roll-up, factsheets, etc.)
  • Set-up and maintenance of digital communication channels (project website, e-newsletters)
  • Ongoing public relations and press activities
  • Information on additional funding support for the whole consortium

Contact persons

  • Emmanuelle Rouard
  • Veronika Mehl
  • Natalie Tudman-Bless
  • Barbara Schönleben (on maternity leave)